266414 sj-A17PHMPW Repair Kit A17PHMPW Repair Kit

Magnavox A17P1MPW-001 / Philips A01PEMPW-001 Power Supply Component Repair Kit


Emerson A17PHMPW Power Supply Component Repair Kit for LC401EM3F

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The Emerson A17PHMPW Repair Kit includes everything needed to repair common power supply failures. Symptoms include dead or no power, blown fuse and low voltage output.
SKU sj-A17PHMPW Repair Kit
Part Number A17PHMPW Repair Kit
Warranty No Warranty
TV Brands Emerson
Specifications Kit Includes

Part 1
Symptoms: Blown fuse or no 5V standby
DescriptionQuantityBoard Location
Integrated Circuit1IC1201
Diodes9D1208, 1607, 1608, 1609, 1610,
D1201, 1202, 1203, 1204

Part 2
Symptoms: No +35V or shorted 35V line, no +20V
IMPORTANT: Prior to replacing any component from this part of the kit, you must re-solder all pins on transformer T601. Otherwise, replaced parts may fail without warning.
DescriptionQuantityBoard Location
Transistors5Q601, 602, 652, 653, 654
Integrated Circuit1IC601
Diodes12D607, 611, 613, 614, 615
D651, 652, 668, 672, 673
D665, 670

Part 3
Symptoms: Missing +345V
DescriptionQuantityBoard Location
Transistors4Q1201, 1202, 1601, 1602
Integrated Circuit1IC1401
Diodes2D1604, 1606

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