261067 sj-A2171021 Repair Kit A2171021 Repair Kit

Emerson A2171021 Power Supply / LED Board Component Repair Kit for LE220EM3


Emerson A2171021 (BA21N0F0102 1) Power Supply/LED Board Repair Kit for LE220EM3

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The Emerson A2171021 Power Supply / LED Board Component Repair Kit includes all necessary components to repair common failures on the main power supply board. If the TV has no power it is most likely because of a blown fuse and failure of other preceding components.
SKU sj-A2171021 Repair Kit
Part Number A2171021 Repair Kit
Warranty No Warranty
TV Brands Emerson
Specifications Kit Includes
DescriptionQuantityBoard Location
Transistors3Q501, 601, 602
Diodes8D601, 602, 603, 604, 607, 608, 609, 653

TV Part Types Complete Board Repair Kit
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