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Fixed it myself for less than $70.00 - Kenneth on October 19th, 2017

I watched the videos from shopjimmy on YouTube to decide what part was needed. Looked it up and all the parts inside were less than $70.00 so I figured I would change them all and it saved my tv I paid $1000.00 for just a couple years earlier.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Picture

60" Vizio without Power - Wesley on October 19th, 2017

My 60" Vizio 4k TV (Model# P602ui-B3) died. Through quick research I found it was a dead power board. Shop Jimmy had one that was a confirmed replacement. Purchased it & paid the priority overnight shipping. By 10am next day, my TV was working like new.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Power

80” Sharp no picture no led back light - Wayne on October 18th, 2017

Tv had no picture blink code 1 long 1 short led circuit failure. Brandsmart repair quoted me $3899.00 to repair. Found 16 led Strips off watched video no power from led driver board. Ordered led board installed it worked. Saved $3799.00 awesome

Easy Breesy - Robert on October 18th, 2017

No power on Visio. Purchased power board. Swapped it out. Game over. Thanks Shop Jimmy!

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Power

Vizio D Series D650I-B2 Power Board (56.04219.641G) - Bob on October 18th, 2017

Checked for voltage at AC Supply on the Power Board. Dead. Ordered a New 56.04219.641G from Installed and working! Great Service! Fast Delivery! Thanks to!

Vizio E420-A0 Complete Repair Kit was great - VICTOR on October 17th, 2017

My Vizio died with NO video but it had sound. I looked on the internet and found your ShopJimmy site via YouTube. The Complete Repair Kit with two boards was priced right.The kit arrived. I only replaced the Power Board. It was quick and easy to do. Thx

Take that Samsung! - Harold on October 17th, 2017

My 15 month old Samsung flat screen TV died just three months out of warranty. No sound and no picture. Samsung refused to fix it. Best Buy refused to fix it. With the help of ShopJimmy (and their YouTube video) I fixed it!!! Thanks ShopJimmy!

Vizio E55-DO - Charles on October 16th, 2017

Found the ShopJimmy videos online and decided to try and fix it myself. Sounded like the power board was the problem so I decided to order a replacement. So glad I got the repair kit! I replaced all the boards with the ShopJimmy kit, the TV came on!

Replaced input card - Nilsa on October 16th, 2017

The audio went out and I first opened the TV up to check what was wrong. The input ports were going bad themselves. I just googled the part number on the card and I found Great site, quick shipping, and a large inventory for DIYers.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: Input Failure, No Audio

Toshiba TV 32L1400U - Phil on October 14th, 2017

Main board got fried. Initially I thought it was the power board but it was the main circuit board. Ordered the board, replaced it and now we're up and running.

LG 47" TV - Model: 47LM7600 - Eric on October 13th, 2017

TV went black -- just a red blinking power light. Called LG -- no help since TV is 5 years old. Since I work with computers, I know a power supply can fail around 5 years. So, since the power supply was cheap for this TV, I gave it a shot and it worked!

Long and Painful to Quick and Simple - Matthew on October 12th, 2017

No power, verified power cable went bad. Cut cable and went hunting for approx. 6 months for right cable/connector. Took power supply out for assistance in finding appropriate plug-in (lost power supply). Ordered new parts, assembled, and working again!

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Power

Samsung UN40H5203 Repair Kit - easy and fast repair! - Chris on October 12th, 2017

I had an issue with my TV randomly turning off and back on again. I found Shop Jimmy searching for info. The video on the site was easy to follow and in less than an hour my TV was fixed! Brilliant. I'm in Canada and this kit worked fine with my TV.

Samsung 46" - Lou Achong on October 10th, 2017

My TV was power cycling and I did a search on YouTube and found a ShopJimmy video on the exact problem. The fix was to remove the wifi module which I did and it worked. I ordered the repair kit and changed out all the boards. TV working like new.

47LN5700 Backlight Repair - Christopher on October 9th, 2017

Started doing research and happened upon a video by ShopJimmy showing symptoms of a backlight. I followed the video to diagnose the backlight. Sure enough, an LED was out, bought an LED strip from ShopJimmy, and now I’m back to watching TV. $30 fix

Fixed! - John on October 9th, 2017

The help vids on this site and availability of correct parts allowed me to save my 50 inch LG screen. After replacing the LED's it looks fantastic, better than ever in fact. I couldn't be more pleased. I ordered the board just in case but didn't need it.

repair TV - Richard on October 8th, 2017

Back light was out 5 pieces out of 12 changed them all out anyway. instant success. parts and service were just as expected and described also very fast shipping. i could not be happier. we repaired 2 TV's in lest than a week. saved thousands $$$ repairs

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Picture

No more flashing on and off. - Dan on October 7th, 2017

Went out on the net and did a search for the issues with our Samsung TV. Talked about a bad power supply being the problem. I ordered a replacement from shop jimmy and had it in a couple days. Easy to install. No more power issues!

50' LED LG TV - Rocio on October 7th, 2017

Well thanks to ShopJimmy, I was able to narrow it down and figure out what the problem was. It was the most easy to follow instructions. My son and I fixed it in a couple hours!!! Thank you ShopJimmy you are a lifesaver I really appreciate the tutorials!!

Power board replaced - James on October 6th, 2017

I asked questions on the chat line about a possible cause for my problem and got a couple suggestions that were similar. I replaced the power board as it was suggested and now I am watching television

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Power
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