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sound but no picture. - steven on December 4th, 2018

I have a proscan television that had no picture. I got on Jimmy's website and ordered the parts to fix it. the part I needed came in repair kit and I wasn't completely sure as to which board was the bad one so I replaced all three, and now the tv wor... Read More >

Proscan TV fixed! - Larry on October 11th, 2018

My neighbor was just going to throw away a 42” Proscan tv so I rescued it from the neighbor’s trash, and did a little research and found this site. Ordered the 3 board kit and replaced one at a time so I could keep the connections straight. Turn... Read More >

Repair your own TV - Jim on October 10th, 2018

Thanks to information & video I was able to repair my LED TV at a reasonable cost, my brother in law just had the same repairs done and it cost him $500.00. Thank You

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