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Bringing back my tv from the dead. - John on November 3rd, 2018

My Samsung 60" TV died on me. Barely missed the warranty time frame. Was totally bummed out because it was such a nice TV and the visual was amazing. The TV had sound but had no picture. Googled that symptom online and came across replacing LED strips. Came across ShopJimmy where they sell the part and by far the most affordable prices compare to ebay, amazon etc. Shipping was very quick too. I chanced it and bought the led strips. I watched the step by step video tutorial that ShopJimmy provided on their website to replace the original led strips. The video was right on point and really helped a lot! You are going to have to be patient and listen very carefully to the videos. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase and was able to fix my TV =) This was my first time fixing a TV. I am tech savvy but on the computer technology side of things. It was a good experience repairing the tv. Thanks ShopJimmy!

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