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Vizio P602ui-B3 Smart TV - James on November 5th, 2018

We bought our Vizio Smart 4K TV in Feb of '16. Since our older TV, that is a Sharp and our first flat-type TV was bought in Spring of '09, we didn't feel the need for extra protection plan on the Vizio. Sept of '18 (outside of manufacturer's warranty and no extra coverage) it quit working. being an electronic type, I took it apart and found the fuse was blown. Took it to my shop where I changed the fuse. Took home, nope, popped again. So, now we figure we are down $800 from our new TV. Found ShopJimmy and the power supply card was available. So, with 2-day shipping, 2 year extended waranty, spent $103.00. Got card, paopped it in and, viola!! A new TV. Impressed the wife and save a lot of $$$ in replacement TV. Thank you ShopJimmy!

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