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Repaired 46" Vizio E461-A1 - Jesse on November 28th, 2018

Was able to repair my Vizio set that stopped turning on reliably! The power LED would come on, but the backlight would not turn on and the screen remained black. Also, once the TV entered this state, it would not turn off with the power button. If I unplugged the set and plugged it back in, I could occasionally get it to turn on, and when it did turn on, it worked perfectly fine. I took the cover off the set, and tested the power rails with a multimeter. I noticed that when the set failed to turn on, all of the voltages were correct (5v, 12v, 24v), but the INVERTER signal from the main board to the power supply board was not active. When I was able to get the set to turn on, this signal was active and the backlight would come on. I used the repair kit and had a friend help me replace the U409 EEPROM on the main board. Works perfectly now! I didn't need to replace any other components.

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