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Easy and Quick Repair of Vizio M50-C1 - Matthew on December 26th, 2018

I was at a loss when my TV screen went black one night. I researched the problem on the net and tried all the quick fix ideas, none worked. I finally found an article which pointed me to ShopJimmy. I figured I would give the repair kit a shot instead of going out and getting a new TV. I was not sure which board went bad on the TV so I ordered the kit with the four replacement boards. The parts arrived in a few days and I watched a ShopJimmy video on Youtube to see how to go about replacing the components. It was very easy and a pretty quick repair. I plugged the TV in and hit the power button, crossing my fingers, hoping the TV worked. Sure enough, the logo popped up on the screen. I would gladly order parts from ShopJimmy whenever a TV of mine needs repaired. It was much better and cost effective repairing it myself. Thank You to ShopJimmy for saving me a bunch of money.

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