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We can rebuild it, stronger, cooler, nicer.. and much happier - Marco on December 27th, 2018

Perhaps the most important reason I was successful was the fact that I was there when the Digital Main CBA was damaged by an static shock... I did have the correct part reserved here for about a hole year.. but the part on the photograph and my part where not the same... So I decide to call and ask about to the technical people here, they told me that for as long as the PN, and Serial would match even if they don't look the same I have a 99% possibilities that the part will work as it should, Long story short... I order, it arrived, I mount it, connect everything together and Bamm!! my tv was working again!! "PS... if you plan to change connectors on your TV, "UNPLUG EVERYTHING.... Try to turn all the equipment on...."To discharge any capacitors that still have any voltage left, then plug what you need make sure all the grounds are properly mounted... then turn your equipment back again! Good luck every one...

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