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Wireless Module fixed loss of wireless AND remote control - LeeYaan on March 11th, 2019

One day, the remote control would only turn the TV off/on and the wireless no longer worked. After some google snooping, we found out that the wireless module controls both the Smart Remote in addition to the wireless internet connection on our TV. The manufacturer wanted ~$70 for this part. A quick google search found ShopJimmy with the same part for much, much less. We viewed YouTube videos to see how to replace the part. It took us 20 minutes tops and was very, very easy. The only reason it took 20 minutes and two people is that I needed help placing the TV face down and picking it back up again. So glad we did this ourselves. Fixed our nearly $800 TV for about $30. You don't need to be an electronics nerd to do this. Thanks ShopJimmy!

TV parts I used:
Samsung BN59-01239A Wi-Fi Module $14.95

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