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No power? No problem. - Todd on February 20th, 2017

Problem was obvious from the start: No power to the TV. Wouldn't turn on, no standby LED light, manual ON/OFF didn't work, wall outlet + the power strip worked fine with other appliances. Search for a power supply board led me here. Plug and play.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Power

Panasonic 55” Plasma 3D TV Repair - FRED on February 20th, 2017

The 8 LED blinks determined it was the SS Board. had the board. The SS Board and Screw Kit arrived two days before scheduled. Within 1-½ hours after starting work on the TV, I had it back in operation. Thank you

Samsung TV power supply repair - Jason on February 20th, 2017

After researching online about why my TV wouldn't turn on I figured that one or more of my power supply capacitors were blown. However, I don't have the tools or the skills to replace individual capacitors, so I replaced the whole board successfully.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: Intermittent Start-up, No Audio, No Picture, No Power, Standby Only

DLP chip installation 72" Samsung - Jeremy on February 20th, 2017

Found my issue through Google search. Sears Appliance repair wanted 700 to fix it. I bought the part with warranty for 200. After the fix it was blurry. Noticed a wheel with teeth just below the lamp assembly. Manually adjusted the focus. Perfect!

Light engine chip - Blaine on February 20th, 2017

Ordered chip, install went according to the sample video. Success

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