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One For All OARH02B 2-Device Universal Remote


One For All OARH02B 2-Device Universal Remote

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Works with the following brands of TVs, Cable Boxes, Satellites & DTC:

ABC Dynex Magnavox Sceptre
ABS Echostar Majestic Schmartz
AccessHD Electroband Marantz ScientificAtlanta
Accurian Electrograph Marta Scotch
ADB Electrohome Matsushita Scott
Admiral Electrophonic Maxent Sears
Advent Element McIntosh Sejin
Adventura Emerex MediaCenterPC Seleco
Aiko Emerson Megatron SensoryScience
Airlink101 Emprex MEI Sharp
Aiwa Enterprise Memorex ShengChia
Akai Entone MGA Sherwood
Albatron Envision MicroGEM SherwoodNewcastle
Alco Epson Microsoft Shinsonic
Alienware ESA Mind Signature
Allegro Evolution Minolta Sole
AlphaDigital Expressvu Mintek SonicBlue
AmericaAction Fisher Minutz Sony
AmericanHigh FortecStar Mitsubishi Soundesign
Americast Fuji Monivision Sova
Amino Fujitsu Motorola Soyo
Ampro Funai Moxell Spectroniq
AMTC Futuretech MTC Squareview
Anam Garrard MTS SSS
AOC Gateway Multitech Stack
Aomni GE Myrio StarChoice
ApexDigital GeneralInstrument NAD Starcom
Arrgo GFM NEC Starlite
Artec Gibralter Nesa STS
Astar GoVideo NetTV StudioExperience
AT&T GOI NextLevel Superscan
Audiovox GoldStar NexusElectronics Supreme
Aventura Goodmind NexxTech SureWest
Axion Gradiente Nikko SV
BBK Greenhill NiveusMedia SVA
BelCantoDesign Gridlink Norcent Sylvania
Bell&Howell Grundig Northgate Symphonic
BellExpressVu Grunpy Northgate Syntax
BellSouth Haier NorwoodMicro Systemax
BenQ Hallmark NTC TagarSystems
Blaupunkt Hannspree NuVision Tandy
BlueParade HarleyDavidson Olevia Tashiko
Bose Harman/Kardon Olympus Tatung
Boxlight Harsper Onkyo Teac
Bradford Harvard Onwa Technics
Broksonic Havermy Oppo Techview
Buffalo Headquarter Optimus Techwood
Byd:sign Helios Optoma Teknika
CaliforniaAudioLabs HelloKitty Optonica Telefunken
Calix HewlettPackard Orion ThetaDigital
Candle Hisense Oritron Thomas
Canon Hitachi Pace Thomson
Carnivale Hiteker Panasonic Tivax
Carver Homecast Pansat Tivax
CASTi HowardComputers Paragon Tivo
Celebrity HTS Penney TNCi
Celera HughesNetworkSystems Pentax Torx
Changhong Humax Petters Toshiba
ChannelMaster Hush Philco Totevision
Cinea Hyundai Philips Touch
CineVision iMicro PianoDisc TruTech
Citizen iLo Pioneer UltimateTV
Clarion Infinity Planar Ultra
Coby Initial Polaroid Ultrasat
Comcast Insignia PolkAudio UrbanConcepts
CommercialSolutions InstantReplay PopcornHour USLogic
Concerto Integra Portland Vector
Contec Inteq Presidian VectorResearch
Coolsat iRIS Prima Ventura
Coship JBL Prism Venturer
Craig JCB Proceed Verizon
Crosley Jensen Proscan Victor
Crown Jerrold Proton VideoConcepts
CurtisMathes JSI Proview Videomagic
CXC JVC ProVision Vidikron
CyberHome Kawasaki Pulsar Vidtech
CyberPower KDS Quartz Viewsonic
Cytron KEC Quasar Villain
D-Link Kenwood Qwestar Viore
Daewoo KLH RadioShack Vizio
Daytek Kodak Radix Voodoo
Dell Konka Randex Voom
Denon KoolConnect RCA Vudu
DiamondVision Koss Realistic Wards
Digeo KTV ReplayTV Waycon
DigitalStream Lasonic RevolutionHD Westinghouse
DigitalMax Lecson Ricavision WhiteWestinghouse
Director Lenoxx Rio Winegard
DirecTV LG Roku Wyse
DishNetworkSystem Linksys Rotel Xbox
Dishpro LiteOn Runco XR-
Disney Lloyd’s Sampo Yamaha
Dumont Logik Samsung Zenith
Durabrand Luxman Sanky Zentech
DVD LXI Sansonic Zinwell
Dwin MAG Sansui ZTGroup
Dynatech Magnasonic Sanyo

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