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GC Electronics 10-8109 Heat Sink Compound 1 fl. oz. Tube


GC Electronics 10-8109 Heat Sink Compound 1 fl. oz. Tube


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  • sj-10-8109
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The technology of today's electronic devices has increased current handling capacity. The additional heat buildup places great
demands on heat sink materials. GC offers a complete line of heat sink compounds to meet these demands. The HTC product offers
over twice the thermal conductivity of conventional products and is available in silicone and non-silicone versions. The water-soluble
heat sink grease offers excellent thermal conductivity and easy cleanup. The standard silicone and non-silicone products continue to
meet most requirements. See chart for typical properties.

Silicone (Z9)
Industry standard zinc oxide filled silicone heat sink
grease for most applications. Will not soften at elevated
temperatures or dry out or harden. Meets Mil. Spec.

Heat Sink Properties

AppearanceWhite Paste
Consistency Penetration60 Strokes @ 77°F2.4
Bleed, 24 Hrs. %Wt.150°C/200°C1/10%
Evaporation, 24 Hr. %Wt.150°C/200°C3/10%
Thermal ConductivityCAL/SEC cm ºK1.8 x 10-3
Dielectric Strength0.050" gap volts/mil.400
Dielectric Constant 1000 Hz4.9
Dissipation Factor50 Hz, Ohm-cm1,000 Hz, Ohm-cm0.0050.001
Volume ResistivityOhm-cm2 x 1015
Operating Range-40°F to 400°F
Arc Resistance, RT Unit: SEC77
Shelf Life Months60

  • SKU: sj-10-8109
  • Warranty: 180-Day Warranty
  • Part Type: Heat Sink Compound
  • Part Number: 10-8109
  • MFR Part Number 1: GC Electronics 10-8109
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  • TV Part Types: Soldering