291887 sj-HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Strips HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Strips

Hisense HD500DF-B57\S0 Replacement LED Strips 50K23DG 50K22DG 50H5G


Hisense HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Backlight Strips 50K23DG 50K22DG 50H5G 50K20DG 50H3


  • 73 Available
  • sj-HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Strips
  • 180-Day Warranty


Includes 11 strips.

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  • SKU: sj-HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Strips
  • Warranty: 180-Day Warranty
  • Part Type: LED Strips
  • Part Number: HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Strips
  • Part Usage: LED/LCD
  • Board Number(s): SVH500A22_REV05_6LED_131113
  • Panel Sticker Number: HD500DF-B57\S0, HD500DF-B52\S1
  • Panel Manufacturer: Hisense
  • Brands: Hisense, Insignia
  • Important Message: BRAND NEW

    Includes 11 strips.
  • TV Part Types: LED Light Strip

Repair & Share Success Stories: Hisense HD500DF-B57/S0 LED Backlight Strips 50K23DG 50K22DG 50H5G 50K20DG 50H3

Repair of My Hisense 50" LED TV Model 50k23dg - Jonathan on October 9th, 2018

My screen went black with no picture but the sound was still working. I took the back of the TV off and shined a bright flashlight through one of the small holes in the back and could tell that the screen was still producing the image. I knew that it was the back lighting. I checked the power supply to the LED bulbs and found adequate voltage yet none of the LEDs came on. I learned from reading online that the LED strips in that TV are in a series that will knock them all out if only one bulb blows. I could tell that one had blown once I took the front screen and subsequent layers of film/plastic sheeting off. Rather than just replacing one strip I opted to replace them all with new strips since I was already inside. Easy to unplug and install. I'm not an electronic guru but this was a fairly easy fix. My wife was impressed!

Easy-Peezy - Jon on February 26th, 2018

Using a flashlight I determined the tv had a picture but no back-lights. So I got new LED back-lights from ShopJimmy and followed his video, which was a perfect walk-thru. Worked like a charm! (Pic shows tv working without the back cover put back on.)