LEKO Anti-Static ESD Wrist Band

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LEKO anti-static wrist straps
- Easily adjustable, one size fits all.
- Soft elastic band for comfort.
- Conductive metal
- 6" coil cord
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No Warranty
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Tech Supplies
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Physical characteristics:- Fabric polyester with silver plated nylon- Resistance:100 ohms- Contact :360 degrees around wrist- Snap release 1 to 5 pounds- Back plate stainless steelTest methods:- ESDA
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What is a board repair kit?

These kits are meant for advanced technicians with soldering experience. Board repair kits will contain common components that are known to fail. By replacing these components, you can revive your board without having to replace it.

Which symptoms does a board repair kit fix in a TV?

•  Since a lot of symptoms could be the result of a failed or defective components, please refer to any symptoms listed on this page or contact your local TV technician.

*These are helpful tips to get you started and don’t represent accurate diagnoses for every TV model and failure. If you’re unsure of your diagnosis, we recommend checking out our YouTube channel or reaching out to a local TV technician for assistance.

How easy is it to replace a board repair kit?

You’ll need to have soldering experience to replace components on a board. If you don’t have that technical background, we suggest replacing the board instead.