302601 sj-5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002OP40 5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002-OP40

LG 5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002-OP40 Replacement LED Backlight Strips


LG 5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002-OP40 LED Backlight Strips (24) 65UH5500-UA


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  • sj-5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002OP40
  • 180-Day Warranty

Brand new strips with double-sided adhesive already applied.

Includes complete set of 24 strips.

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Repair & Share Success Stories: LG 5835-W65002-LR40/5835-W65002-OP40 LED Backlight Strips (24) 65UH5500-UA

LG LED strip replacement - Marc on September 25th, 2018

My LG TV would not turn on but flashed the LG logo for about a half second on complete re-power. Voltage readings on the main power board would sag even with downstream components disconnected (80VDC would drop to ~65 volts. 13 VDC would drop to ~11 Volts). I thought the power supply was bad. A helpful note from shop Jimmy warned of the exact symptoms. A follow up note pointed me to the known issue with LED strips. Combined with the ShopJimmy LED tester, I pinned down the exact problem and ordered replacement LED strips (24 for my model 65UH5500). With careful disassebly referencing a ShopJimmy YouTube video, I’m back in business. Only one LED strip was actually bad (a $4.75 part) but I certainly would recommend replacing all strips after going through the trouble to disassemble the entire set. Thanks ShopJimmy

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Picture