249646 sj-NEORP-E023 NEORP-E023

Osram Neolux 100-120/1.3 E23HA DLP Bare Bulb (NEORP-E023)


Osram Neolux 100-120/1.3 E23HA DLP Bare Bulb (NEORP-E023)


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  • sj-NEORP-E023
  • 180-Day Warranty

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NEOLUX 100-120/1.3 E23HA
Wiring harness is not included.

This lamp works in the following assemblies:
Akai: 101280603 type Z
LG: 4930V00301, 6912B22002C, 6912B22007A
Magnavox: 31227859084
Mitsubishi: 915P020010 & 915P026010
Panasonic: TY-LA2004 & TY-LA2005
Philips: SP.L6502G001
RCA: 260962, 265103, 265103R
Sagem: 251282989 & 252005505
Sharp: ANR65LP1/1
Toshiba: 72782309 & TBL4-LMP
Vivitek: 379755220, 3797048800, 3797631900-S
Zenith: 6912B22002C & 6912B22007A
Samsung: AA47-00003A, BP96-00224A, BP96-00224C, BP96-00224D, BP96-00224E, BP96-00224J

Also Works for these Samsung Assemblies with a Round Bulb:
BP96-00608A, BP96-00677A, BP96-00823A, BP96-00826A, BP96-01403A.
The best way to tell if a bulb is round is if there are no vent holes on the sides or 3 screws securing the lamp to the housing.

ShopJimmy does not have housings available for the following part numbers:
Akai, LG, Sagem, Sharp, Vivitek, Zenith, Samsung AA47-00003A

  • SKU: sj-NEORP-E023
  • Warranty: 180-Day Warranty
  • Part Type: DLP Bare Bulb
  • Part Number: NEORP-E023
  • Part Usage: DLP
  • MFR Part Number 1: Osram 69074
  • Board Number(s): NEORP-E023
  • Notes, Comments & Additional Information: ShopJimmy recommends ordering by part number whenever possible. Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.
  • Brands: Akai, Articos, Hp, Lg, Magnavox, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Rca, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vivitek, Vizio
  • Important Message: NEOLUX 100-120/1.3 E23HA
    Wiring harness is not included.
  • TV Part Types: Lamp
  • Lamp Wattage: 100-120W