Samsung BN94-09127A Main Board for UN60J6200AFXZA (Version NS02/EA03)

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PLEASE NOTE: This board is compatible with TV version NS02 or EA03 (found on sticker on back of TV). Part number can be found on the larger white barcode sticker.

Samsung BN94-09127A Main Board for UN60J6200AFXZA (Version NS02/EA03)

Known Models

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Visible Number:
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Samsung BN94-09127A


What is a main board?

The main board is basically the “brains” of your TV and controls everything, from the audio to video streams. All of the user data and settings are also stored on the main board.

Which symptoms does a main board fix in a TV?

•  If your TV doesn’t turn on, it could be the main board. If your TV turns on but has no video and/or no audio, it could also be the main board.

•  If one HDMI input works but others don’t work, it could be the main board.

*These are helpful tips to get you started and don’t represent accurate diagnoses for every TV model and failure. If you’re unsure of your diagnosis, we recommend checking out our YouTube channel or reaching out to a local TV technician for assistance.

How easy is it to replace a main board?

It's easy! Once you match the part number on your main board with the part number listed on this page to confirm compatibility, you’ll just need a screwdriver and the ability to remove the back of your TV and replace the board.