284723 sj-BN96-28772A/BN96-28773A BN96-28772A/BN96-28773A

Samsung CY-DF550CSLV1H LED Strips - 10 Strips


Samsung BN96-28772A/BN96-28773A Replacement LED Backlight Strips (10)


  • 200 Available
  • sj-BN96-28772A/BN96-28773A
  • 180-Day Warranty

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PLEASE NOTE: The model numbers shown may use various different versions of LED strips. Please match the strips in the photo to the original strips in your TV before ordering. 28772A and 28773A can usually but not always be found printed on the small barcode stickers on the strips.

10 Strips

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Repair & Share Success Stories: Samsung BN96-28772A/BN96-28773A Replacement LED Backlight Strips (10)

Baklight Replacement - Travis on February 5th, 2019

All of a sudden our tv went all black. It had picture and sound, but you could only see the picture with a flashlight up to the screen. I tested the power to the backlights to determine that they were receiving voltages. Power was OK. Then I took it apart and started testing resistance across individual LED's. I knew if one was bad, they all would not work (like some Christmas lights). Eventually I hit one that had 100% resistance (dead bulb not allowing current to go through). There were some others that had zero resistance and were burnt out as well. I guess that means that they were designed to go out quietly by allowing voltage to pass through them. But the one that was doubly dead (burnt out without letting current pass through) - that was the one stopping the whole thing from lighting at all. I ordered replacement parts from ShopJimmy.com because they had a 180 day warranty and because they had helpful videos on other sites that pointed me to this one.

Backlight Repair - Carliss on January 7th, 2019

My TV (Samsung 55") went black but had sound. I watched youtube video by shopjimmy.com and it showed me the way to test and repair. I did order wrong part first (ton board) but I ordered the correct parts after videos. My TV is hanging back up and working. I did damage the corner of screen glass but works again. I recommend to be very careful with the glass screen and watch shopjimmy youtube video as many times as needed and don't rush.

  • TV Model: Other
  • TV Symptoms: No Picture

Samsung UN55FH6030fxzc LED Strips Replacement. - Clayton on April 6th, 2018

take TV completely apart, LCD panel removal and when you can view LED Strips plug tv in and turn tv on, you'll instantly see if its your LED strips are failing by viewing burnt bulbs and also even dimming or flickering bulbs.