Toshiba 006-P1K3486A LED Backlight Strips (8) 55L510U18 NEW

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✔ 180-Day Warranty
PLEASE NOTE: Many TV models use various different sets of LED strips. Please match the strips shown in the photo to the originals in your TV before ordering.

Includes 8 strips.

Toshiba 006-P1K3486A LED Backlight Strips (8) 55L510U18

Known Models

We recommend matching the part number on your TV part with our part number(s) listed on this page. While matching your TV model number is a great start, there are models that use more than one set of parts/panels. Confirming that your part number matches with the part you’re ordering is the best way to ensure compatibility and a successful repair!
Part Number:
180-Day Warranty
Part Type:
LED Light Strip
Part Usage:
Board Number:
006-P1K3486A| TCL ODM 55 D1500 8X5 3030C V1 2015 08 31|0 2020 11 02| YHB-4C-LB550T-YHA| 221116-UK7XGB-00253| LEFT BLUE-55D3503V2W5C1B57117M-BK

What are LED strips?

LED strips are the light source behind the LCD screen in LED TVs (yes, the screen is still LCD). These strips get their power from the LED driver or the power supply board and control the image brightness on your TV screen.

Which symptoms do LED strips fix in a TV?

•  If you see very dim video or no video on the screen, but you know your TV has power and is on, then the LED strips could be bad.

•  If you see very dim video or no video on only a portion of the screen while the rest of the screen is bright/normal, then the LED strips could be bad.

*These are helpful tips to get you started and don’t represent accurate diagnoses for every TV model and failure. If you’re unsure of your diagnosis, we recommend checking out our YouTube channel or reaching out to a local TV technician for assistance.

How easy is it to replace LED strips?

While replacing your LED strips isn’t hard, you’ll need to be careful when tearing down your screen assembly to access them. We recommend following our video tutorials on YouTube and taking your time.